"Beauty is not primarily planned, it is the phenomenon that occurs at the moment when all relationships are perceived to be harmonious."

Michael Merritt , AIFD*, is a renowned master in the world of floral art. His maverick vision into the field of design shows his powerhouse of artistic expression through his varied styles of design.

He is a floral designer's designer, as comfortable creating wreaths, baskets and floral designs as he is the decorations for a party of 1,000 Washington DC political guests.

The philosophy of his art is created by the inclusion of all complex elements occurring in floral design creating extraordinary and unique creations. His designs are an eclectic melange, a marriage of all materials, that express pleasure and beauty.

Michael's cross-country and international travels have taken him to grace the stages of respected garden clubs, museums, wholesale houses and educational institutions to the delight of hundreds of aspiring designers each year.

In addition to his travels displaying his creative talent, Michael's designs were showcased at the floral shop that he and his wife, Cheryl, owned and operated. His artistry has also been featured in many periodicals to enlighten and educate the design world. 

Michael's unique and engaging style blends knowledge and creativity promising to design works of art for any event, wedding , party, or even weekly arrangements for your home.

Michael is also available for floral design seminars and private or group design classes. He has an eye for detail that is essential to create a magical ambiance and lasting memory for your event. Michael is a visionary floral artist.

In 2011, Michael was awarded AIFD Laureate status in recognition of his contributions to the art and his support of the organization.

In 2016, Michael was awarded the Certified Floral Evaluator Judge credential.


*Michael is an accredited member of the American Institute of Floral Designers. AIFD was established in 1965 by a small group of leading floral designers dedicated to recognizing and promoting the art of floral design as a professional career. Membership in AIFD is selective. With over 1,200 members worldwide, AIFD and its members are in the forefront of the industry in presenting educational and design programs.

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